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All the pictures of Design Smash 3D

28/11/2012 at 13:47

We showed you the winners of Design Smash 3d and the source files of the teams’ projects are published on Thingiverse (Mino ,the winner, was also featured!!)

We only needed some more time to arrange the pictures but here they are  (thanx again to Silvia Shah Potenza for the grat shots!)

The contest

Teams at work


And if you were not there with us, remember that the event took place at Spazio Concept , via Forcella,  Milano

The winners of Design Smash 3D in Milan

22/10/2012 at 13:14

Last month, on the 20th of october we organized an event called Design Smash 3D. It was a competition involving 8 teams of designers/makers working together with 8 teams of 3d-printer owners/builders.

This was the topic of the contest:

Explain to your grannies the wonders of 3d printing

Design an object to show your grannies what does the new industrial revolution mean and that Dmail catalogues are old stuff!  3Dprinting technology is not only a method to produce objects in an authomatic way, it’s a tool allowing more and more people to create objects not manufacturable in other ways with the same details, and with the highest level of personalization

Create an object exemplifying this features and containing all the coolness of 3d printing. You can present a new object but also give new functionality to an everyday object.


The results of the competitions are published on our  Thingiverse page.

And here are the first three winners:


1° posto

Team: Jambro – Filippo Mambretti and Jennifer Carew

Title of the project: Mino

Mino is a family feet for walking sticks, a kind of “third shoe”, can give new performance to an everyday object.

jambro team

jambro team – foto di http://shootingshah.photoshelter.com/

jambro - Mino

From the left: in the park, on the snow, on the sand, playing in the park












Mino  - 3Dprinte































2° posto

Team: I’m your father - Tiziano Berti, Francesco Pacelli, Giacomo Wilhelm

Title of the project: Swingthing

Swingthing throws the walking stick in a play dimension: the grandfather becomes a golf champion, the sticks becomes a generation witness!

















Foto SwingThing stampato in 3D














3° posto

Team: Zooilab – Nicola Brambilla, Daniele Usuelli, Giorgia Brusemini, STefano Iorino

Title of the project: Feed your grandson!

Need to persuade your nephew to eat veggies? Simple! Create veggie meatballs with the shape of his favourite videogame hero!

Feed your grandson by Zooilab

Feed your grandson by Zooilab
















Feed your grandson by ZooilabFeed your grandson by Zooilab

Biscuits created with the 3D printed shapes



Design Smash 3D – Save the date!

23/09/2012 at 09:00

design smash 3D

Saturday 20th october 2012
Design Smash 3D – A design competition like you’ve never imagined! In 3D

The new industrial revolution is here and the world will be again soon a good place for lazy people. No more weekends spent shopping at the mall: you will  download what you need and 3d-print it at home.

And you, designer, are you ready to develop a new framework where a new generation of objects will be produced?

Then it’s time to take part to Design Smash 3D, a contest on open design and 3dprinting and much more.

For the first time in Milan (and probably Italy) there will be a showcase of 3d-printers, videos, installations to get to know live this revolutionary technology.


h.14.30 The contest begins

h.15 The showcase is open to public – Learn about Special Guests

h.18.30 Italian Aperitive time

h.21 Teams of Design Smash 3D contest  present their projects to the audience  and the jury

h.22 Prize-giving moment!


Design Smash 3D is hosted by Spazio Concept, via Forcella 7/13, 20144 Milano

Check some pictures of the warm-up workshop!

Thanx to  Ultimaker for supporting us!
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Thanx to Spazio Concept for hospitality

spazio concept