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23/09/2012 at 09:00

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design smash 3D

Saturday 20th october 2012
Design Smash 3D – A design competition like you’ve never imagined! In 3D

The new industrial revolution is here and the world will be again soon a good place for lazy people. No more weekends spent shopping at the mall: you will  download what you need and 3d-print it at home.

And you, designer, are you ready to develop a new framework where a new generation of objects will be produced?

Then it’s time to take part to Design Smash 3D, a contest on open design and 3dprinting and much more.

For the first time in Milan (and probably Italy) there will be a showcase of 3d-printers, videos, installations to get to know live this revolutionary technology.


h.14.30 The contest begins

h.15 The showcase is open to public – Learn about Special Guests

h.18.30 Italian Aperitive time

h.21 Teams of Design Smash 3D contest  present their projects to the audience  and the jury

h.22 Prize-giving moment!


Design Smash 3D is hosted by Spazio Concept, via Forcella 7/13, 20144 Milano

Check some pictures of the warm-up workshop!

Thanx to  Ultimaker for supporting us!
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Thanx to Spazio Concept for hospitality

spazio concept